Chord Theory

The Phrygian Susb9 Chord

February 8, 2009

This lesson will focus on a particular chord voicing that really brings out the sound of the Phrygian mode. The chord we will be looking at in this lesson is the susb9 chord.

The susb9 chord has a dark and mysterious sound to it and can sound really beautiful when played in the right context. Although it is not a sound you will hear too often, it is a sound you should definitely get to know at some stage.

The notes of the susb9 chord are:

1 4 6 b7 b9

You can voice the susb9 chord in different ways and you might need to alter the voicing to suit your instrument. Piano and guitar players will probably want to use different voicings for the susb9 chord.

The main function of the subb9 chord is to bring out the sound of the Phrygian mode, but it can also be used as an interesting and unusual chord substitution.

You can add the fifth to the chord, but I would tend to leave it out. Other voicings for the susb9 chord are:


1 4 5 6 b7 b9

I love the sound of the susb9 chord, and I hope you find a place for it in your own music.

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